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Chris says “I am honoured that you would want me as a Patron to M.A.R.C.H.   

The Lord must have showed you my heart for those serving and wounded”.

M.A.R.C.H. Says ”We would like to welcome Chris, international singer/songwriter, speaker and writer, as our Patron”

ABOUT CHRIS (“Rocking the world for Jesus”)

Through her charity, The Whispers Foundation, she supports the homeless/needy in the UK, Romania, Pakistan and Kenya these will all receive support from album sales/concerts Awards:  

British Christian Country Music Act 2010 by the BCMA

Artist of the Year UK in 2007, 2008, 2009 (Roots Artist) in 2010, 2011 by New Christian Music, (NCM).

The Evy Hannes of Canada, Video of the Year 2007 for Distant Time

Artist of the Month…Build the House radio Texas 2006

International Indi. Artist, October Indie Island Magazine 2005

Chart Success:

Uk, Euro , Country NCM Chart...Wrong Side of Town Top 10, 2011

UK: NCM Country Chart: Cold Wind No1 in the UK, 2009.

USA Roots Gospel charts..Top 10 in USA and UK with Distant Time

NCM worldwide Country chart..Top 10 with Jesus and You


Here’s a tried-and-tested talent who has fully paid her dues. She arrives with an ‘in-your-face’ musical statement that is wholly rootsy, unapologetic and ‘direct-to-the-point’. Her down-to-basics lyrics conjure up a blend of ‘street-sense’ with ‘Good News’ that is perceptive, devoid of sickly sentiment.  Yes, here’s a quality selection of gems from the very talented Liverpool gal. Her engaging style embraces contemporary urban-rock and country-folk-roots sounds. Enjoyable and engaging, pick-out tracks like ‘Cold Wind’ and 'Wrong Side Of Town' show high possibilities and radio-play potential. Sometimes gentle-on-the-ear, but mostly bouncy rockabilly, she has a distinctive style. She’s got what it takes to make it, and her sound is fully alive... happy, sad… according to the repertoire change.

Good news, Chris Mercer’s heart-warming, contemporary balladeering is crisp and fresh! 'Adult-Contemporary' is at the genre-core and the combination of Chris with producer, Sammy Horner is powerful. If you like to be stunned by modern, self-penned songs and performances that edify, Chris will oblige! Moving and motivating stuff, her voice is outstanding and this album shows what she can do.  Masterfully produced in Scotland for UK, Europe and USA release, ‘Whispers of His Grace’ is full of song-thoughts and declarations covering all manner of subjects. Most are instantly challenging, cutting and catchy. Sammy also is Chris’s duettist on a great modern country ditty entitled ‘Jesus & You’. ‘Distant Time’ features impressive pedal steel guitar played by Phil Madeira of Nashville fame.