M.A.R.C.H. was started in 2009 with a view to give our very deserving military personnel who have been injured, disabled or traumatized during conflicts, a week or two of R and R. 

Alan and Barbara Wilson run the organization with tons of support from friends and local residents.  Help comes and goes as people take up residence in the Paphos area and others leave to go back to UK.  Alan, who is ex-military, thought up the idea and before long we had support from many of our like minded friends.  We are very blessed to live on this beautiful island of Cyprus with plenty of sun, even in winter and to enjoy the peace and freedom here that many people long for.





Mesogi, Paphos, Cyprus                                                               Telephone 00357 99 850355                                                      administrator@march-cy.org

M. A. R. C. H.


Military And Retired Cyprus Holidays